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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Whelk! No, this isn't a misspelling of the word "welp"--it's actually the name of a creature we learned about this morning as the Marine Science Museum came to visit the camp--aquarium in tow. Questions abounded as the children learned about the ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay and got an in depth look at the creatures that inhabit the different areas of freshwater, brackish water and saltwater found in the Bay. Below are pictures of the Whelk and of our future generation of marine biologists!

Geometry came alive for the kids through a program called Geometer Sketchpad, and we studied tessellations with the help of our esteemed guest Dr. Trintor of UVA!

Marshmallows flew as the students tested their ability to launch the marshmallows with precision and accuracy. Our challenge was to create a lever capable of catapulting various-sized marshmallows into a bucket three yards away. Students learned how to vary the fulcrum of the lever to reach the goal. To finish the day, we had a competition to see who could accumulate the most points in a skee ball game, launching the marshmallows into the buckets for multiple points. It was neck and neck, but in the end, three sticky marshmallowed campers took the lead!

Another great day at camp! For all the teachers and campers, this is Rebekah and Brian, signing out!

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